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SnowbirdCare is your one-stop resource for locating the right physician, hospital, other specialized healthcare services, prescription drug discounts, medical care pricing guides and more vital health care information — all specific to Florida.


Find doctors by any specialty and any Florida location.
See their professional qualifications and training immediately.
Select the best Florida hospitals for specific health conditions, and get detailed quality information on them, home care agencies, and more.
Review fair prices for hundreds of specific medical treatments and diagnostic tests anywhere in Florida. Learn what your provincial health insurance will cover.
Receive immediate discounts from 15% to 75% on any prescriptions in most Florida drug stores.
When eldercare resources are needed by loved ones back in Canada, get the timely assistance you need while you are still in Florida.
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A SnowbirdCare Membership is your affordable lifeline when faced with healthcare challenges. Friendly and knowledgeable, the SnowbirdCare staff, including experienced Registered Nurses, have solid, unbiased information and the answers you need to make your stay in Florida truly carefree.

Our bilingual experts offer you personalized and customized advice 24/7. This Members-Only website also gives you powerful tools to look after your health and your family’s health.

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